About Sociology of Sport in Canada

Sociology of Sport in Canada is a website collection of blog posts, podcasts, research projects, essays and study questions that uses the’ lens of sport’ to help us understand sociological issues in Canada - providing a macrosociological and microsociological framework to further inspire research and analysis.

I’ve always been interested in sports.  As the son of a professional wrestler [1] sports has always been important in my family. Thus, in my late twenties (after ten years experience as a software and web developer[2] during the Internet dot com bubble.[3])  I decided to pursue my passion.  I invested extensively in a career using my skill sets and monies in the field of Sport Technology for another period of ten years. [4].

Sometimes life takes us down roads we could never have imagined. For me, that was when I found myself, in my late thirties, living full time on a remote west coast “Indian” reservation for a period of 18-months. This followed another 18-months off-reservation training a group of teenage paddlers to peak by using technology leading up to the canoe and kayak competitions of the upcoming North American Indigenous Games.[5]  During this three year period, the social injustices I was witnessing, on a day to day basis in their lives, lead to my own behaviour being diagnosed with high-function Asperger’s syndrome, a form of Autism.

One only has to look at Time Magazine person of the year, Greta Thunberg [6] to understand how passionate Aspies can get about social justice issues they perceive as important to them. I was no different and at the time of my diagnosis, I would spend two years trying to hold the government sport institutions accountable. My Human Rights complaints would eventually lead to a 5-day BC Human Rights Tribunal hearing. I would further register and lobby the federal government for a period of 1-year to amend the "Policy on Sport for Persons with a Disability" and "Sport Canada's policy on aboriginal peoples' participation in sport" as a result of my experiences[7].  However, after five years of effort from start to finish, all of it fell on deaf ears. This perfect storm of events would lead to a meltdown that would end my career as a Sport Technologist and change my life irrevocably[8].

As the saying goes, “When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us”[9] .  That is when I started studying Sociology at Athabasca University[10] towards a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology[11] - to better understand what I had just experienced. When permitted, I write my assignments, papers and projects on my topics of interest. After they are graded, I then organize and publish them to my blogs a) Sociology of Sport in Canada, b) Indigenous Sport in Canada and b) War Canoe Racing in Canada. My hope is that they can be used one day to provide insight and educational tools for those who may be in a position to improve sports; and education for others as a result.

Indigenous Sport in Canada - https://www.indigenoussport.ca

Sociology of Sport: Indigenous Sport in Canada is a macrosociological scientific study using the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada's final report [12]. Specifically the Sports and Reconciliation Calls to Action Number 87 through 91 [13] section as a subject for analysis. This website may be of interest and useful to politicians, academics, Indigenous people of Canada or anyone else concerned about whether or not progress has been made in this area.

War Canoe Racing in Canada - https://www.warcanoe.ca

Sociology of Sport: War Canoe Racing in Canada is a microsociological scientific study of Canadian society, including patterns, relationships, interactions and culture in the Olympic sport of Canoe. With the 2024 Paris Olympic summer games marking the 100 year anniversary since Canada demonstrated the sport of Canoe to the world at the 1924 Paris Olympics. I am working towards answering the question: Why has only one First Nation person gone to the Olympics in the sport of Canoe in 100 years?


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